Our Foot Deserves Equal Attention

There was a time when humans used to wander this planet barefoot. But now thinking about doing the same may be considered preposterous. When we say we need to pamper ourselves the last thing we think about is our foot. Despite the fact that it is as vital as other component of our body,  we tend to give it a step motherly treatment. Like your face and hands, your feet should also be taken care of.

By adhering to some great pointers you could look after your feet as well. The first mistake many of us do to harm our feet is to buy one of the most uncomfortable shoes. If you are a working person you have to consider that you would be in these shoes for excess part of the day. Acquiring an excellent footwear is constantly extremely important. Whenever you go to buy shoes check your foot size, because the sizes of your feet may differ. Taking into consideration that, you ought to purchase footwear for the largest foot. It is better to go shopping for shoes in late afternoons as our feet swell the most during this time of the day.

Yoga has been spreading like a wild fire and you can try some yoga asanas which would be useful for your feet. There was time when walking was the only mode of transport in our lives and due to which our feet used to get the proper exercise. Nowadays, there is much less strolling as well as even more of being in the vehicle, waiting to reach our location. So working out is a great way in order to help your feet.

Proper personal hygiene would help your feet from getting infected by any of the skin diseases or other foot problems. Change your socks daily and see to it that is of good material which would help in the breathing process of your feet.

Some easy as well as simple methods to deal with your feet.

-Scrubbing your feet with pumice stone will help remove the dead and dry skin
-Apply foot cream before going to bed to prevent any cracked heels problems
-If your feet smell, use talcum powder or foot sprays this would keep your feet dry and clean
-Soak your feet for 10 minutes in warm water which is mixed with salt and add drops of lavender oil to relax your feet
-Hot and cold treatment also works very well for your feet. To improve blood circulation, dip your feet in hot water then in cold water alternatively
-Saturating your feet in cozy water blended with hair shampoo, aids your toe nails profoundly
-To fight cracked heels. Mix few drops of lemon juice in Vaseline and apply it at the required area
-Almond Oil is very good for your skin. Applying it regularly to your feet after bath will get you a smooth result
– Regular pedicure is also very essential to have clean and good feet

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