Man lands in court for mocking woman’s ‘big behind’

Do you know complementing or ridiculing a woman’s hips can land you in court? Well, Joseph Njuguna a trader in Nairobi Wakulima market will tell you it is the case.

Njuguna 34, is facing a case of creating disturbance by throwing a “butt insult” at Leah Njuguna on September 30 at Wakulima Market.

Police say Njuguna told Leah, “you have big buttocks” after Leah politely told him she lacked enough money to change his Sh1,000 currency.

It is also believed by the police that Njuguna had over time, developed jealousy over Leah’s growing business.

“The accused further insulted Leah, a trader who sells women’s bracelets in Wakulima market, that she bought a vehicle from proceeds of prostitution and that she is unable to walk because of her huge behind,” reads the charge particulars.

A terrified Njuguna denied the charge and was granted a cash bail of Sh10,000 as he waits for the hearing date was set to be on January 25, 2019.

Njuguna has the option of making peace with the complainant before the said date for an out of court settlement.

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