What women really want

woman wearing black dress on a white wall background and black cristal flor

Lipstick is a go-to‚ foundation is a splurge and a female gynaelogist is preferred.

In a web survey‚ South African women have revealed exactly what they want in retail‚ beauty‚ health‚ destinations and relationships.

The survey‚ conducted by MyEcho survey platform in partnership with Mooiste Clothing Boutique‚ gathered data from over 1‚000 women aged 18 upwards.

It revealed that 71% of women preferred to visit a female gynaecologist.

“Just can’t understand how a man can help a woman with female problems when they have never experienced any of it‚” said one of the respondents.

Others said they were more comfortable seeing a woman specialist.

Jeans topped the list as a favourite clothing item across all age categories‚ however women aged between 18 and 24 mentioned jumpsuits‚ skirts and crop tops.

Their top beauty tips were to always moisturise‚ be natural and always remove all makeup before going to bed.

A spa destination topped the list for a girls’ weekend‚ while Cape Town was named as a favourite family holiday hotspot.

While some women wanted their partners to be more adventurous‚ spend money on them and be more romantic‚ most of those surveyed want their men to communicate more‚ spend more time with them and lend a helping hand more often.

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