1 dead, 4 hospitalised as housemaid poisons food (video)

All over the world, it is common for families to employ the services of a maid to help out with house chores and other errands. Sometimes, the bosses could be harsh to their staff but that is not always the case.

In a viral video that has been making the rounds on social media, a young maid, identified as Taibat, poisoned her boss’ food with insecticide because she wasn’t served a part of the meal.

This resulted in the death of her employer while her four grandchildren are now battling for their lives at the hospital.

Upon interrogation, the young girl explained that she had stolen crayfish and as a punishment, her employer decided not to serve her out of the food prepared with it.

Taibat further explained that she poured insecticide inside the food meant for the family and that soon after the meal was consumed, the family started to purge and vomit.

When asked how she felt after seeing them act that way, she revealed that she was happy.

However, when the maid was asked if she knew the insecticide could make her wards die, she did not seem to know what to say.


The girl was said to have fled from her boss on October 19 while in possession of his property worth about N500,000.

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