After Sex Manners Lesson 5 & 6 – Clean your toys And Check in

Clean your toys

After- sex cleanup is important in all areas. Cleaning your sex toys is something that’s often overlooked, but if you don’t do it, it can lead to problems down the road.

How you clean your sex toy depends on the kind of sex toy you have. “If you’re using something that doesn’t have a motor and is made of silicone, glass, or metal, they can be boiled in hot water,” says Sinclair. “If your toy has a motor, use a cleanser that is intended for sex toys. These are typically more mild than antibacterial soap, which can degrade the silicone.” Pjur Med Clean Spray is a great organic cleaner, which is sensitive on the hands and won’t hurt the body.

 Check in

Aside from the literal things you should be doing after sex, there’s also an emotional component to after-sex care.

“Often in porn, the end result is that everyone looks dewy and glowing, and that everything is perfect,” says Sinclair. “It’s important to recap after sex. Find out what we liked, or didn’t like. What did we want more of? I don’t think we often do that, and that it is necessary for a long-term, healthy sexual relationship.”

Sinclair recommends always starting with a positive: open with what you liked that your partner did, and then ask what felt good for them. This opens the doorway for sexy conversation. It also leaves room to offer suggestions on what could be improved, or skipped altogether.

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