After Sex Manners Lesson 7 & 8 – Stay in bed and cuddle And – Or not

Stay in bed and cuddle

“Don’t just jump out of bed and run into the bathroom. Quiet time after sex should be a given. Chill together, whether it’s cuddling or talking lightly or watching each other breathe,” says Siegel. “Getting up to shower or use the bathroom are definitely OK and sometimes necessary, but preface it with the idea that you’re coming back to bed.”

 – Or not

That said, if you’re both on the same page, one-night stands (i.e. no post-coital cuddling) are perfectly great and acceptable. Just because you have sex with someone does not make you obligated to stay over — but again, you should probably communicate your intention before sex.

“If you’re going to leave and not stay the night, that’s fine,” says Siegel. “But don’t get up and run out. Spend that cuddle time or chill time afterwards. Let it wind down and then make your respectful exit.”

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