Buhari Is Taller Than Saraki And Jubrin Is Shorter

Well, that is according to IPOB and Kanu’s with their shameless propensity for lies, fabrication, deception and propaganda. They produced doctored pictures and others with subjective angle of shooting (with Saraki perhaps crouching or bowing respectfully) to fool the gullible.

What IPOB and Kanu should now explain is how this Buhari in February 2015 , posing with Tony Blair, Governor Amosun and Saraki, also appears shorter than Saraki back then. Was it Jubrin in the picture below? When was Buhari cloned then? When IBB imprisoned him? It gets more crazy and laughable. Who is Buhari of 2015? Jubrin from Sudan? Adamu from Mali? Mousa Traore from Senegal?

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