Lady tells boyfriend’s mother she dumped her son because they’re poor

She claims she was asked to peel cassava in her boyfriend’s house when she went to visit, she peeled the cassava and fried gaari, but broke up with the guy after.

There’s a problem with Nigerian in-laws and subjecting their children’s potential partners to tests of character, ‘home training,’ and their ability to submit. These days, those tests are archaic and women are making a statement.

A female Nigerian Twitter user, Nwanyi Ngala who tweets @TillyTate20 has narrated the story of how her ex-boyfriend’s mother subjected her to a test of submission and her ability to ‘ be a suitable African wife,’ the first time she went visiting by asking her to peel cassava and fry gaari.

She was cultured enough to show the woman she could get it done but broke up with her son because she hated the test she was subjected to and felt that peeling cassava underlined poverty.

On Thursday, November 1, 2018, she narrated her story to these that, “I’ve followed a guy to their house before and his mother tested me. I passed her test with flying colours. When she called me 8months later to ask why I refused to marry her son, I looked her dead in the eye and told her, I cannot marry into a poor family. God, it felt good.

“This woman saw me with my long ass acrylic and asked me to peel cassava, her young daughter told her I’ve long nails, she smirked. Well, I peeled the cassava, took it to be ground and before she woke up the next day, I was frying garri. She approved but I was disappointed bigly.

“I was angry, because the first time, my bf brother came to my father’s house, the rumour was that they didn’t train me, I will be materialistic, I won’t be submissive. I pegged it as inferiority complex, I didn’t know the whole family will start testing me. Very appalling.

“Let me correct some stuff. 1) We didn’t break up cos of the testing. (It contributed) 2) she called me — asked me to come to see her to talk about my refusal to marry her son 3) they weren’t poor, I found out later, she got cassava to test me.

“4) you can grind cassava today and fry it tomorrow. 5) I actually have a picture of this event, but I don’t care enough about Twitter people to post it. so y’all can go off. And my friends on twitter have seen it. 6) I was young, present me today would never.”





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