Tonto Dikeh pulls a stunt on social media, forces herself to cry for the public

— Tonto Dikeh breaks down on social media, says she’s tired

Nollywood actress and philanthropist, Tonto Dikeh is seen in a video crying and lamenting about the stress she goes through trying to help people.

This has brought several reactions on social media as a lot of people think she is being a drama queen Public emotional and mental breakdown are not uncommon with celebrities.

Some people were sympathizing with the actress, others found the video funny and typical of her to always be a drama queen.

One commenter asked: I just don’t get it. Is she crying or laughing? I’m too confused to feel sorry for her

This could be as a result of the pressure that comes with always being in the spotlight. For others however, it appears these breakdown comes from been selfless.

In the video which she posted on Insta Story, she is seen wailing and complaining about how stressed out she is from helping people. According to her, most people think she has it easy but it isn’t really so. She went on to give a shout out to the celebrities who can afford to spend on themselves and wear expensive things, wishing she could also do same to herself.

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